Update for our english friends

Apr 2016: Hvalpsund is doing great. We have just been towed 90nm to a slipway, where the bottom will be renovated. We expect to spend 8-10 weeks here. See photos under "Ombygningen"

Apr 2014: Arrived to final destination on 8, April 2014. We have been waiting for 311 days for this moment to come. Click on the photo to see more from this short journeyHvalpsund april 2014 013 lille

Jan 2014: Today the heating pump was installed. After months of work downstairs, lots of new wholes in the hull, pipes, measuring devices and electrical installations, the system was turned on and it worked. Henrik was greateful. See video under "Ombygningen" Januar 2014

Nov 2013: We are ready to move to our final destination, but unfortunately this is not yet ready. This means no running water and drains yet.IMG 5760

Aug 2013: See latest pics under "Ombygningen" August 2013. We are still working in getting our house ready for the winter. Still missing running water and drain. 

July 2013: Hvalpsund almost back to the original colors. See here

June 2013: We moved in June 1st. Very exiting...and we love it. See pics under "Ombygningen"

May 2013: Countdown time. Moving in June 1st.  Just missing a few things. See the video (no subtitles - sorry) 

April 2013: The wheelhouse is back in place. This is going to be a great guest house. Take a look.

IMG 4307 lilleMarts-2013: We are still here - lots of painting to do indoor. Click on the picture to the left to see more. 

28-Feb-2013: Floor is ready - almost. The platform for the    wheelhouse is back and the concrete floor in the basement is done.

img 0378

31-Jan-2013: Ready to lay the floor - but we still need to decide which one. See latest pictures here

19-Jan-2013: 3.6 ton concrete have been hand carried onboard Hvalpsund by Henrik and Morten. See how they have build a ramp to get it from the upper deck to the deck below here

30-Dec-2012: The year has come to an end - but we are still working on Hvalpsund. We now have a "house" in place and can stay over night. See more under "Ombygningen"IMG 4076 lille

18-Sep-2012: An exiting time has gone by - and we are very happy with the result.    See how much we have done in the past month.  Take a 3 minute Hvalpsund journey

16-Aug-2012: We are still here - working a lot....and we see the results. Take a look

30-June-2012: A full weekend at Hvalpsund ferry. Have painted 540 meters side bulwark.   Only 500 meters left....tr er ankommet til skansekldningen

24-June-2012: The drawings are finished. We now have our idea drafted on paper. Take a look 

3-June-2012: It is hard to believe that this will ever turn into a house boat. Follow link and see pics!

9-May-2012: Wanna see how to dismantle a wheelhouse in 60 seconds? Click here

19-Apr-2012: Hvalpsund has moved - see the little movie 

Hvalpsund is moving

On April 13th, 2012 we bought an old wooden ferry named Hvalpsund. It is our plan to rebuild this ferry to our futureHvalpsund i stille vejr home. You can follow the process on this web. However you might want to use google translate to help you read some of the articles we have posted. Any bigger steps - we will try to list under News in English.